22 Dec

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit a Tree Farm

At this time of year, there’s nothing better than the smell of a tree farm. While you can pick up artificial greenery at most any store, and can even get some fresh greenery at some grocery and home improvement stores, nothing can replace the experience of visiting a real tree farm. Here’s why we truly believe it’s worth a special trip:


1. It’s a Fun Family Activity: Everyone is busy these days. We have work, school, our hobbies, and so many responsibilities to tend to. It’s nice to get the whole family together for a drive and a visit to a peaceful place with nothing but trees and snow.

2. A Visit to the Great Outdoors: Sure, it might be cold, but it’s a great excuse to get all bundled up and have some snowball fights! Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll also likely walk off of the lot smelling a little bit like an evergreen!

3. Support Local Businesses: Meet those who work hard to grow and tend to these trees year after year until a loving family takes it into their home and makes it a part of their family tradition. 

4. Better for the Environment: Artificial greenery is most often made out of non-recyclable plastic, and have three-times the impact on the environment that real greenery does. So while it may seem more eco-friendly to buy something you can reuse year after year, it’ll actually take several years for the artificial greenery to become more eco-friendly than it would have been to buy a fresh one every year!


Ready to make your visit? Harvest Connection will help you find a tree farm near you!

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