29 Nov

Make Yours Real at Castleton Christmas Trees

Make Yours Real at Castleton Christmas Trees

Celebrate your Christmas with a real Christmas tree grown in the Capital Region.  There are many farms that grow a variety of trees including Castleton Christmas Trees located in Caslteton, NY.  Dan Hershey and George Hayner started up the operation in 2009 and began selling trees last year.  They grow a variety of trees including Frasier Fir, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir, White Spruce and Scotch Pine on their farm located at the intersection of Route 9 and Maple Hill Road in Castleton.  Both fresh cut trees and choose and cut are available. 

Dan and George take great pride in growing healthy trees from 2 year old seedlings.  They care for the trees for 6-8 years on their 70 acre farm until they are large enough to sell.  They replant trees every year to ensure a future supply for their customers.

Castleton Christmas Trees provides wrapping for trees if you're traveling a distance.  The wrapping works best for most trees including Frasier and Balsam fir.  Once wrapped, customers are responsible for securing their trees to their vehicles.  

Castleton Christmas Trees also offers the Tim Mitchel stand.  The stand has a pointed pin in the middle.  Christmas trees are predrilled to “fit” the pin, so there’s no hassle about getting the tree straight in the stand.  Limited stands are available.

Castleton Christmas Trees is open weekdays from 9 am til dark and on the weekends from 1 pm til dark.  Trees range in price from $20 (for less than perfect trees) to $60 (for trees above 9 ft.)  For more information, please call 518-928-9178.


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November 29, 2018

Make Yours Real at Castleton Christmas Trees


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